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MY DAD COOKS BEST is a live-action, family-entertainment series that turns Dads into kitchen heroes – with a lot of help from their sons and daughters!

 In every show, The Chef visits a family home to challenge competent Dads to a cook-off.

But the loyal kids will be helping their Dads!


A kitchen battle!
Dad & Child vesus The Chef

MY DAD COOKS BEST features a series of friendly “cook offs” with the Dad and child challenging The Chef to cook the same dish. But who’ll cook it best?

The twist is that The Chef only knows the title of the recipe … so he’ll be at a real disadvantage! Maybe he’ll be cooking the dish for the first time in his life.

Unfortunately – The Chef is a bit of a prima donna!

Naturally, every child will boast that their “Dad Cooks Best”!

After the cooking, it’s “Taste Test Time” when a special guest makes a blind tasting to establish who has cooked the tastiest dish.

Will the Dad & child win?
Or, will it be the pretentious Chef?

MY DAD COOKS BEST shows lively and opinionated families cooking home-style dishes. It’s the world’s only TV reality/cookery show that explores the special relationship that binds children with their dads.

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