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THAT PREZZIE SHOW reviews the planet’s craziest gift ideas and helps viewers decide about all the stuff that they want be getting or giving for Christmas or birthdays. “Prezzie” is a British slang word for “present” or “gift” and this high-energy format will have you wishing that every day was your birthday.

In THAT PREZZIE SHOW, we’re not talking about boring handkerchiefs or socks – we’re interested in the weird, wild and downright twisted stuff that makes us choke laughing. The stuff that evil geniuses invent and that you’ll find for sale on the remoter corners of the web, or in obscure mail order guides, or hidden in ultra cheap back-street stores.


At heart, THAT PREZZIE SHOW is a product review series but one of its many format twists is that every prezzie reviewed also appears as a prop in a special comedy sketch. In these sketches, you’ll laugh to find out how your life might be enhanced if you owned the item that we review.

THAT PREZZIE SHOW works well with scuzzy studio presentation, honest location-based reports, dangerous vox pops, dumb bunny graphics and a pounding rock & roll soundtrack. What’s more, the show is fun, easy and cheap to produce!


THAT PREZZIE SHOW was transmitted in the UK on the ITV Network in the lead to two Christmases.. A total of 15 episodes have been made, each to fill a 30 minute slot. All episodes were repeated within a few days of initial transmission. Scheduling was in the post midnight slot making this an ultra low budget show with some very funky production values. The audience couldn’t believe their eyes.

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