GET STUFFED – more info *

GET STUFFED is a late night, cookery series with a difference – as the title suggests, it’s got “in-yer-face energy, lashed with a bad attitude. Each episode features young people who take us into their own real kitchens and demonstrate their favorite recipes. Often the results would delight a gourmet … but sometimes things just don’t work out.

The true horror of GET STUFFED shows the real-life chaos of youthful home cookery at its best and worst. Our recipes are shown in wild little films which are smothered in original rock & roll music and grungy graphics.

The joy of GET STUFFED is that, just when you think things have reached rock bottom, there are the frequent appearances of the “Mystery Chefs” – two idiots in chef uniforms and chequered party masks who shout their own culinary tips from the sideline to kids who can scarcely open a tin.


GET STUFFED has a breakneck pace to reflect the show’s rough & ready attitude. This is the world of popular nosh – cheap, tasty and fun. Stuff to eat while swinging down the street. With GET STUFFED, grub goes groovy. What’s more – you’ll learn cooking!


All the people in GET STUFFED are members of the general public who have never previously appeared on television. Often, a regular, leather-jacketed presenter appears and tries to lend a hand in the kitchen. Sometimes, GET STUFFED becomes bilingual as we reflect the diversity of contemporary multicultural society. We’ve cooked bilingually in: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian & Japanese.


ITV started transmitting GET STUFFED in its UK late night schedule in 1991. 284 episodes of approximately 5 minutes and 30 seconds duration were made, transmitted, and heavily repeated. There were also 3 x 30 minute specials. The 3-year TX rights in 104 episodes were re-licensed to ITV in 2002, and again in 2005.