THAT PREZZIE SHOW does not review gadgets or technology. We are interested in kitsch.

We review silly, entertaining stuff like:

Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Outfit …. puny weaklings put it on, press the inflator, then waddle down the street looking like a 30 stone sumo wrestler.

Automatic Humping Dog … it’s a robot dog that attaches to the bottom of your (or your friend’s) leg, and franticly does what you hope dogs won’t do to the bottom of your leg.

Swearing Punchbag … hit it hard with your fist and it mouths off the same sort of invectives that you’d utter if someone hit you with their fist.

Bouncing Boots … they have great big wishbone-shaped springs attached to the soles so that you can bouncy-pounce down the street or high in the air.

DIY Tattooing Kit … want a weekend tattoo? Use this brush & stencil kit to look tuff by airbrushing stuff onto your skin that’ll wash off a few weeks later.

Water Bomb Slingshot … you know what a water bomb is; with this slingshot (and a total of three people) you can catapult water bombs up to 150 metres.

Coin Sorter … just empty your purse into the top of this device and it’ll count all your loose change and tidy it into neat miserly piles.

Cow Stickers … you attach large, black, blob-shaped self-adhesive stickers all over your fridge to make it look a bit like a cow, (actually a Friesian cow).

Giant Sized Hamster Balls … like the pet shop balls that hamsters run about in, only these inflatable ones are big enough for human beings. They’re huge!

Remote Controlled Underwear … don’t ask! Use your imagination and think of how useful these could be.

Penny Farthing Bikes … everyone stares when you ride a penny farthing and now they’ve started making them again. With tyres and a bit smaller, but they look the biz.

Helicopter … not a real one, a remote control one. These were one of the trickiest remote control toys to master but now, apparently, they’ve made an idiot-proof one.

A Smiley Toaster … it makes toast with a happy smiley face burnt into the bread. You want one because it makes you happy.