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This feedback comes from public comments on the THAT PREZZIE SHOW (UK) website

THAT PREZZIE SHOW” is the coolest show I’ve seen in ages. It’s great to see something so unique and refreshing on telly instead of the usual. Some shows are “nearly there” but this show is “really there” and I think it’s set to be an all time classic. All the presenters are great, and your music well it’s just hypnotic. I’d like to see THAT PREZZIE SHOW every night of the year not just on the run up to Christmas. Hope it’s coming back soon.
from Gre

We love your show, we laughed so hard and are still laughing. It was fun and insane and unpredictable and everything that makes for great TV. We are still laughing and we especially love Chris. We even do her little dance and smile to make ourselves laugh and sometimes others (but mostly us). Is there any way we could purchase a copy of your shows
from Joh

I’ve actually seen your program and I have inflicted it on many of my disgusted friends, well done! I particularly enjoyed the simulated sex with an aubergine, more please.
from Kre

I love your show and think that it should be on at prime time! keep up the good work!

from John

Me and my associate would like to congratulate you in your part of the creation that is That Prezzie Show. It was the show that saved modern television. However I was most aggrieved to see that only two episodes of That Prezzie Show were shown this year. Now how were me and my friends supposed to get into this year’s festivities without a regular instalment of our favourite show?
from Pau

I watched one of the shows and I think it’s strange, but very cool! I think it should be on earlier and for longer. I especially think that Antastic is great. He’s really funny and above all, he is damn FINE!
from Gem

That Prezzie Show is without doubt the greatest television show I have ever come across. No other film or show has ever had me and me mates in such tears or hysterics before of since, yet we only ever saw 2 episodes of it ages ago.
from MAT

I just watched That Prezzie Show and decided to email you, First of all, I’d like to say, That Prezzie Show is insane. But I like insane shit so it’s cool. I like ur show cuz its screwed and we need some weird shit amongst the norm. Tell Chris she’s a babe from me.
from Man

Your show added a little more oomph to the week. I am now staying up late again to listen to your informal consumer advice. There’s no madcap in late night telly anymore, everything shown tells you to go to bed and that it’s late, your show made me not care, thank you. Good luck and I hope you go primetime!
from Fogg

Yo! just watched the show, insomnia’s a real bitch. Seriously, great stuff, we need more nutters on the box!

from tob

Tell Chris … she is very funny and very hot …. I mean sweet, uh, something. Really got to stay up for more late night telly. Hmmm, coffee anyone?
from Dan

Your show … more fucked up than a bag full of squirrels with fucked up written on them!….. BUT … It works … I MUST HAVE IT ALL
from Fat

Well done getting this show on television, good to see the smalltime can get some space on ITV.

from PauV

I’ve seen TPS and it is quite honestly the best thing on TV

from Tom

There is nothing better than sitting in front of the telly at 3am eating garlic and chips completely plastered thinking “What the bloody hell is going on here?
from Ste

Please bring back “That Prezzie Show”. It really cheers me up and is one of the best things on TV.

from Van

I am a regular watcher of your fantastic show and was very sad to see that the series has finished. Your show was one of the reasons I walked round with big baggy eyes, constantly yawning every friday morning (due to the fact that it’s on so late when it should have a prime time slot!!).
from JonC

I loved (THAT PREZZIE SHOW) but cannot get it out here in California. You could give me tapes of your show so I won’t be missing it every time I turn on my television set.
from Gin

I just watched the last show of the series and i got to ask you one vital question …….. what are we going to get freaked out by when we’re stoned out of minds in the wee hours of the morning ???Ah well, it was a funny ass, tripped out and greatly original show .. good on ya !!!
from Mik

Just a quick word to say I am amazed at what the ITV network can come up with these days. This must be one of the most oddest shows on the network at the moment. Pity it is on so late, any chance of getting an earlier slot? … I particularly liked the piece on the cow pat clock, really weird. I can think of at least three people I’d like to send one to, preferably while still soft!!
from Gle

Hi gang, I just finish watching your show. Wow, I never thought that low budget 3am tv could be so good.

from Car

… I’d just like to say your show is excellent 🙂 its a nice refreshing break from all that shit that they usually spit out of my tv :))keep up the good work 🙂
from ale

Hi there, Just wanted to say how great the show is! Me and my flatmates watch it avidly EVERY week and havent failed to miss a show yet. Keep up the good work and keep on entertaining those Pressie People as well as you do.
from Omi

That Prezzie Show rocks and we watch it ever week, including the repeat – we all think its totally bofftastic!!!!

from Chr

I just watched your show today and I’m trying to breathe after laughing so much, the advert for the alien mask was in a league of it’s own. Keep up the good work!
from Gra

I just have to say that “That Prezzie Show” is soooooo cool. I’m still trying to get my friends to watch! I may sound like I’m 12, but I’m 19. I’m studying media & photography at the University of Central Lancashire and I think “That Prezzie Show” is one of the most original, fantastic, funny & interesting programmes I’ve seen in a long time. Congratulations with it, I wish you every sucess in the future …
from Sar

I have just seen your show and think it is possibly the best show I have ever seen

from Ben

Its just fantastic man, i’ve been waiting for something like this since Get Stuffed finished. Such a laugh to chill out and come down to the show, thanks for making it
from Joe

Just a quick email to tell you that your Tee Vee show is the best show on the telly at the moment.

from Nic

Hiya … just wanted to say that I think the show’s wicked. Im 15 and you probably wonder what I’m doing up that late but I assure you it’s all good lol thanx
from Sar

I think your show is just completely mad and quite bazarrely funny too! Keep up the good work!”
from Jea

I can’t believe ITV’s only decent programme has ended! Mind you, it will save me from the aggravation from choosing between Channel 4 and ITV when you’re on. Hope there’s a new series soon! sob
from doc